Swasking My Dishes


Evade Trailer (Black Ops Zombies)



That’s right. Once I get this microphone (might take about 2-3 weeks), commentaries will be coming your way. With commentaries, I will be able to stay in touch with my subscribers and share with them fun experiences in a creative manner! :D I am excited and will commentate with various machinima directors, whether it be exploring the world of Minecraft or camping in Black Ops. We will engage with FULL FORCE.

I want to become a Pokemon master.

With the release of Pokemon Black and White; it is difficult to stay productive unless of course you are battling a level 100 Tepig. The game itself somehow reminded me of the Sapphire and Ruby days, I love it. Many say that this game would be ruining the Pokemon series, but I say that they should keep this up. Ok, so maybe if you can’t catch all 600+ Pokemon, the game still emits that great Pokish feeling. (if that was a word, of course) The music was outstanding and the game took twists and turns I didn’t expect; the overall completion of the story took almost a day! Unlike previous versions of Pokemon, you would battle two semi-rivals nearly every time before and after a gym badge. While playing the game, I wondered what the main character’s age may be…I mean, c’mon sending a child out to save the world from bad guys is safe? I beg to differ… Anyways I’ll have a Pokemon video up on my channel providing you with the compressed experience of my Pokemon journey. A total of 22 hours of footage compressed into less than 7 minutes.


Well, it works! Now I could afford to be a cheap person and not have to buy myself a ‘real’ high definition television. I love saving.

Hauppauge Capture Delay

Never buy a capture card unprepared. Yeah, I wanted to upgrade from the Dazzle DVC 100 I had used for my previous videos because HD would really help in the long run and I am such a quality freak. The Dazzle was well worth it and I had used it for over 2 years, so I thought it was the right time to upgrade. The upgrade cost me $200, it was for the Hauppuage HD PVR. Before the purchase, I thought I had all of the goods ready (meaning the cables and what not), so I didn’t have an issue in making the purchase online. Now, things changed when I got this HD device. As happy as ever, I ran around the house with rejoice, it had arrived! I unpacked this creature and it was that very moment where I realize that this will not work on any Standard Definition (SD) television. And in my position, where the closest thing to an HD display was my monitor, I did not establish wonderful thoughts. Well, at least all of the cables and what not came with the device, all that I really needed was an HD output device, and the television I currently have was not on the options list. I looked for a moment in despair until I foresaw my computer monitor which is an ASUS of 19 inches, it seems like it could be suitable for the job. But this monitor only has a VGA output/input meaning if I want to hook the Hauppauge to it, I would need some sort of an adapter, and their not cheap. First I tried to go with the cheapest way to solve this problem: purchase a vga to composite cable off of Ebay. Yea, it might take some time, but it could solve my problem in a quick manner. Two weeks later, after I received the cable, I stared even more in despair when it didn’t work. Seems like the HD signal couldn’t even reach the monitor. After several hours of research, I find that it requires an adapter to transfer signals from the Xbox device to the HD monitor. Will I ever get this to work? No, my only option now is to get the adapter. I didn’t bother to look on Ebay because of the cheap and low quality plastic things they already have, it really doesn’t act as a choice anymore. Previously, I had purchased an adapter and the item didn’t work as advertised, and they even forgot to add some IMPORTANT things into the description like the resolution requirements, etc. The search took place on Play Asia; I had heard from this site from a friend and it looked to me like this will be the place. After a couple searches, I finally found the device, it was $34.99 and 20% off. I felt relieved, but I am really shaky on this subject, I don’t know for sure if my computer monitor will be able to handle this. I ordered the device, and am now waiting for its arrival, I do not want to return another device, this looks promising. This whole mess is really holding back my video productivity and really is slowing down my Youtube progress. I’ll keep you guys posted on how this goes, it should be arriving this week. We’ll see.